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Be a Mottoz Franchisee!

Join our winning team in the USA and drive your future forward!

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Child at the Doctor

Enhance your 
Well-being with
Mottoz Health!

  • Experience round-the-clock access to doctors, expert health and nutrition advice, and effortless management of your health records with our digital Health QR.

  • Benefit from instant plan activation, streamlined prescription validation, and rapid medication delivery.

  • Easily access and synchronize your family's medical history, and stay informed with tailored alerts.

  • In emergencies, swiftly get medications at Locatel using your QR code.

  • Covering a broad spectrum of medical fields, we ensure comprehensive care for everyone.

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Enjoy local with Mottoz app!

Access our Hyperlocal Marketplace:

Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Liquor Stores, Laundries, Florists, Pet Stores, Pharmacies, and more.

Comfort at your fingertips: Order, track, and stay updated! Download the App for a seamless delivery experience.

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