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About us

Our history

Welcome to Mottoz, where we redefine delivery. Hailing from the vibrant city of Miami (Florida, USA), We have established ourselves as leaders in the hyperlocal delivery market with a global outlook. At the heart of Mottoz lies a dedication to innovation, cutting-edge technology, and an unwavering commitment to our communities.


Every day, we strive to meet your needs by bringing whatever you require right to your doorstep, regardless of what it is or where you are. Our unique approach is characterized by an enduring commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We cherish every delivery, understanding the unique story and significance behind each order.


Our advanced platform's technology is foundational to our operations, utilizing the latest tools to streamline your shopping, speed up food delivery, and offer a variety of services. We constantly adapt and evolve, seeking new ways to meet your ever-changing needs.


Mottoz is about providing solutions, not just products. Our comprehensive system simplifies your life by offering an array of options, from food to medicine, and more. We do this with a steadfast commitment to safety, quality, and your complete satisfaction.

As a beacon of the "HYPERLOCAL MARKET" movement, with roots in Fort Lauderdale (Florida, USA), we are more than just a company. We are a harmonious blend of a multidisciplinary team with extensive commercial experience. Our platform is customer-centric, aiming to improve the work conditions for our partners and drivers.


Beyond a delivery system, Mottoz has crafted an innovative strategy that presents significant business opportunities, market penetration, optimized delivery times, and the highest standards of quality. Our commitment, discipline, and responsibility enable our customers to focus on what truly matters: enjoying life.


From groceries to liquor, laundry to flowers, pet products to office supplies, we offer a diverse range of products and services that celebrate the spirit of local businesses and communities.


Mottoz has seen exponential growth, with over 10,000 successful deliveries and more than 100 operational branches. We are not just expanding — We are looking to make a global mark.


We aim to dominate the local delivery and services market, elevating the customer experience by reshaping how communities obtain goods and services.


Our mission is to innovate the local marketplace, enhancing how consumers obtain goods and services and boosting small business growth and entrepreneurial success through an exceptional customer experience.

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