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Sell with us!

Are you looking for an opportunity to increase your income in a flexible and fun way? Then we're looking for you! Join Mottoz as an independent seller and start paving the way to your financial dreams.

Be part of our Business Partner program

Boost your business with Mottoz!

Expand your customer base and increase sales easily with Mottoz. Register your shop and tap into our Hyperlocal Marketplace for immediate growth opportunities.

Mottoz is not just an online Marketplace; it is a movement to unite and empower local shopping communities. It goes beyond buying and selling—it supports local businesses, offers shoppers instant gratification, and brings neighborhoods together with every click. Join us and make your local business a beacon of convenience and community connection.

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Unlock your business potential:

Top benefits of being a Business Partner


Strong brand and

customer reach

By joining Mottoz, you get the dual benefit of our well-known brand appeal and an extended customer base through our delivery partnerships, increasing your store's visibility without additional overhead.


Profit and

market position

Enjoy the financial perks of sharing in the marketplace profits and the strategic advantage of operating within an exclusive territory, reducing direct competition.



support system

From start-up to day-to-day operations, benefit from Mottoz’s complete support package, including expert training, marketing tools, and ongoing assistance to ensure you can navigate the business landscape successfully.




Utilize our sophisticated technology platform for easy management and data insights, improving customer interactions and business decisions, all with no initial costs, setting you up for a successful entry and growth in the delivery market.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Embark on your Mottoz journey today!

Local Business Partners
1 . Discover Mottoz world

Head to and explore what we offer.

2. Get the App

Download the Mottoz Store app and sign up to start your journey.

3. Pick your space

Select whether you are a restaurant, grocery store, or other retail space, and start setting up your shop.

4. Share your info

Enter your details such as name, email, and phone number to create your profile.

5. Verify & Go

Look for an email from Mottoz to verify your account, then log in and begin.

6. Choose your spot

Work with us to find the best location for your Mottoz franchise and claim your business spot.

Let's start!

401 East Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301, United States

+1 (786) 956-3759

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